Complete LWC Development on Your Local Machine

Thank you Salesforce !!!! for not extending waiting period for releasing local development of lightning components too longer. Local development is nothing but, which enables build, run and test lightning web components without deploying the code to salesforce sandbox or scratch orgs.

To starts with local development, you need to install Local development plugin by running below command on your machine. Salesforce will include these feature into SFDX CLI later since it is beta stage now.

Install lwc-dev-server plugin, open your terminal window and execute it

sfdx plugins:install @salesforce/lwc-dev-server

Check for updates to the local development server.

sfdx plugins:update

Create a Salesforce project using SFDX CLI/ VS Code Extension Commands or download lwc-recipes app from the sample gallery. Also, authorise into a salesforce before you proceed with below command.

sfdx force:auth:web:login -d -a 

Next, Run LWC Start Command

sfdx force:lightning:lwc:start

As shown above, a local web server has been created for mocking the salesforce context. First screen list all of the lightning web components in your project. You can search for a components and select the component you want.

When you click on any of the listed component, you can preview it on same browser page without deploying the component into salesforce org. Preview page contains options to open the component in VS Code without navigating the component on the VS Code file explorer.

When you make any change on the component, it will automatically refreshes the browser page immediately. Also, local development is to make it easier and faster to find and solve the errors as below.

In addition to above features, local development supports interacting with real org data (for wire annotation) by proxying the datasource with the help of lightning data service. Record Id should be hardcoded to see the specific record detail and data service fetches the record from the org if any.

Local LWC development is in beta stage so there will be lot of missing features, salesforce will introduce them eventually. Take a look at this documentation to know more about the bugs and supported and unsupported features

We can expect extra features or add on from salesforce on next stable release , in order to solve the hard code issue and debugging limitations.

Please refer below documents for more details:

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