Configure Salesforce Developer Experience (SFDX) on Visual Studio Code


posterIn this blog, I would like to share the steps for configuring Salesforce Developer Experience (SFDX) in my favourite code editor Visual Studio Code for enabling Source Driven Development model. Salesforce DX supports the traditional application development experience with debugging (specifically on apex), CLI (Command Line Interface) Support along with Visual Studio Code.

First of all, install the appropriate version (v1.25 is the latest as of July 31st 2018) of Visual Studio Code which is supported on your Operating System. Download the latest version of VS code from here.

Download Link :

Once you have completed the installation of VS Code, then proceed with the below steps.

Installed Visual Studio Code
Installed Visual Studio Code Editor

Install Salesforce DX Extensions on VS Code

The available Salesforce extensions in Visual Studio MarketPlace are

Availble VS Code Extensions from Salesforce
Available Salesforce Authorized Extensions in Visual Studio Marketplace

To install an extension on visual studio code, there are two ways.

  • Search for the extension in the search area of the extension tab highlighted in the below image
Visual Studio Extension Search Area
Visual Studio Extension Search Area


  • Install the extension directly from the Visual Studio marketplace

Install – Salesforce Extensions for Visual Studio Code’.

Install the Salesforce Extensions for VS Code
Click on Install button on the Salesforce Extensions for VS Code
SFDX Extensions for VS Code Installing
Installing the selected extension – Salesforce Extensions for VS Code

It automatically installs the other dependent SFDX extensions also.  

SFDX Other Extensions for VS Code.
Installs dependent SFDX extensions

Once you have completed the installation, the editor asks for a reload (click on the reload button).

SFDX Extensions for VS Code Reload
Restart the Visual Studio Code editor after the installation

Installation Completed

Now, Visual Studio Code has been equipped to support the SFDX based Salesforce application development.

SFDX Extensions for VS Code Installed Packages
List of all available installed extensions

You can verify the SFDX installation by creating a new project using SFDX commands. Refer to my blog for creating an SFDX project.

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