Superbadge – Process Automation Specialist

Superbadge – Process Automation Specialist


Step 1 – Automate Leads

Create a validation rule, two queues for leads, and a lead assignment rule as specified in the business requirements.

  • Create Validation Rule 1 – State validation
    • Create a Lead Validation Rule
    • Check state text length is not equal to 2 or
    • state code text (state code separated by : ) not contains US
  • Create Validation Rule 2 – Country validation
    • Create a Lead Validation Rule
    • check country text is not US, USA, United States or Blank – Use OR, ISBLANK  and NOT function
  • Create two queues with the names
    • Assembly System Sales
    • Rainbow Sales

PIS Queue

  • Create a Lead assignment rule
    • Rule 1 – if LeadSource is Web assign to Rainbow Sales 
    • Rule 2 – if LeadSource is not Web assign to Assembly System Sales

Lead assignment rule

Process Integration Specialist Challenge 1
Process Integration Specialist Challenge 1 Completed


Step 2 – Automate Accounts

Create validation rules and account formula fields as specified in the business requirements. Use the following field names.

  • Create Validation Rules (Same as the above challenge) for
    • BillingState
    • BillingCountry
    • ShippingState
    • ShippingCountry
  • Create the following Custom fields
    • Number_of_deals__c
      • type – rollupSummary
      • count of all opportunities
    • Number_of_won_deals__c
      • type – rollupSummary
      • count the opportunities which are having the stage equals closed-won
    • Last_won_deal_date__c
      • type – rollupSummary
      • Max of opportunities closeddate which are having the stage equals closed-won
    • Deal_win_percent__c
      • type -Formula (Percent)
      • Number_of_won_deals__c / Number_of_deals__c
    • Amount_of_Won_Deals__c
      • type – rollupSummary
      • the sum of all opportunities amount which is having the stage equals closed-won
    •  Call_for_Service__c
      •  type -Formula (text)
      • IF(OR(TODAY() – 730 > Last_won_deal_date__c,TODAY() + 730 < Last_won_deal_date__c) ,’Yes’,’No’)

Process Automation Specialist Challenge 2

Step 3 – Create Robot Setup Object

Create a custom Robot Setup object with a Master-Detail relationship to the opportunity. Include fields as specified in the business requirements. Autonumber the record name, starting with 0. Use this name format: ROBOT SETUP-{0000}.
  • Create Object – Robot Setup
    • Data Type of Robot Setup Name Auto Number
    • Display Format – ROBOT SETUP-{0000}
    • Starting Number – 0
  • Fields
    • Date__c
      • Type – Date
    • Notes__c
      • Type – Long Text Area(32768)
    • Opportunity__c
      • Type – Master-Detail(Opportunity)
    • Day_of_the_Week__c
      • Formula (Text)
      • CASE(WEEKDAY(Date__c),
        1, “Sunday”,
        2, “Monday”,
        3, “Tuesday”,
        4, “Wednesday”,
        5, “Thursday”,
        6, “Friday”,
Process Automation Specialist Challenge 3
Process Automation Specialist Challenge 3 – Completed

Step 4 -Create Sales Process and Validate Opportunities

Create a sales process with the required stages and name it RB Robotics Sales Process. Create a record type named RB Robotics Process RT. Add a field to the opportunity page layout as described in the business requirements and create the appropriate validation rule for high-value opportunities.

  • Add missing stage picklist value – ‘Awaiting Approval’ with 80% probability
  • Create a SalesPath titled RB Robotics Sales Process with the following stage values
    • Prospecting, Qualification, Proposal/Price Quote, Negotiation/Review, Awaiting Approval, Closed Won and Closed Lost
  • Create an opportunity record type named RB Robotics Process RT and select the above created SalesPath from the SalesPath list.
  • Add a new Opportunity field – Approved
    • Type – Checkbox
    • Select the Read-only checkbox for all profiles except System Admin and Custom: Sales Profile
  • Create a validation rule for checking the closed-won opportunity is above 100K
    • AND(Amount> 100000, ISPICKVAL( StageName, “Closed Won”), Approved__c = false)

Process Automation Specialist Challenge 4

Step 5 – Automate Opportunities

  • Create a new process in Process Builder
    • Give a process name and description
    • Select the A record changes option for The process starts when* option
  • Select Opportunity object
  • Add first Criteria – Customer Account
    • Conditions are, AccountType equals Customer-Direct and Account Id is not null
    • Immediate Action – Email Alert
      • Create an Email alert using Finance: Account Creation Email template




  • Add Next Criteria – Prospect Account




  • Create an approval process for the next criteria




  • Add next criteria – Deal is in Negotiation or Review




  • Add final criteria – Deal is in Negotiation or Review






PAS Challenge 5 Completed
Process Automation Specialist Challenge 5 Completed

Step 6 – Create Flow for Opportunities

  • Create Flow titled Product Quick Search
  • Add Screen component from the palette
    • Name: Product Type Search


  • Add a field – Radio Button
    • add choices
      • RainbowBotCloudyBot, and Assembly System



  • Create Record Lookup – Product Name Lookup


  • Create another screen – Display Products


  • Add a Display Text field


PAS Challenge 6 Completed

  • Update  immediate action of the Closed-Won Criteria as follows
    • CASE(WEEKDAY([Opportunity].CloseDate + 180), 1, [Opportunity].CloseDate + 181, 7, [Opportunity].CloseDate + 182,[Opportunity].CloseDate + 180)



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