Web Service Interface of UCM Server in Oracle Fusion SaaS

What is UCM ?

Universal Content Management, abbreviated as UCM  is a content management server used in Oracle Fusion Applications for loading files into the Fusion Server. It is also commonly used to host static files like company logo, help docs, etc.

How can I access UCM Server of my Fusion Environment ?

A UCM Server will be included with every Oracle Fusion SaaS subscription. You are actually accessing the UCM server indirectly from the associated Fusion Environment during activities like data loading through HCM Data Loader (HDL), etc

It’s also exposed directly in 2 ways:

i. As a web site

If your Fusion home page is of the format

https:///faces/AtkHomePageWelcome ,

then the associated UCM Server’s web site interface will be:


For example,

If your Fusion home page is https://hcps.fs.us2.oraclecloud.com/homePage/faces/AtkHomePageWelcome

Then your UCM Server will be available in:  https://hcps.fs.us2.oraclecloud.com/cs/


ii. As a web service

→ Implemented as a SOAP Web Service.

→ XML definition of the service can be found in the following WSDL.

→ We can use any canonical SOAP clients like SOAP UI to generate sample requests from the above WSDL file.

Some Sample Requests for the web service

i. Searching for a file 


The QueryText field in the request should contain the search parameter. For a blank search which gives all files, just leave it as empty

ii. Downloading a file


To download a file, we have to specify a unique identifier and its value for the document in the field marked in above request.

For example,
To download the document with Document Id 266663, replace the marked line with:


iii. Uploading a File


Here the document identifiers should be specified as different fields and the actual document to be uploaded is processed into base64 code which is then passed as the contents of the file object.

To base64 encode a file, you can either do it programmatically or just manually upload it into several free websites that perform it for you.

iv. Deleting a File

image3Request for deleting a file from UCM is similar to downloading a file – we have to specify a unique identifier and its value for the document in the field marked in above request.

Employing UCM Web Service Interface

The above mentioned services provide basic CRUD functionality which can be used along with other web services to create interesting applications. One of such applications available currently in Oracle Cloud Marketplace is DoQ Integrator. It’s a really awesome free tool that simplifies the tedious work of mass uploading documents of employees into Fusion HCM Cloud. DoQ Integrator performs this by providing a layer of abstraction over HCM Data Loader (HDL). This makes it an ideal tool for HRs and managers to upload document records of employees during initial system configuration, new hires, etc.


  1. Oracle Docs for UCM Web Services
  2. DoQ Integrator

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