Web Service Interface of UCM Server in Oracle Fusion SaaS

What is UCM ?

Universal Content Management, abbreviated as UCM  is a content management server used in Oracle Fusion Applications for loading files into the Fusion Server. It is also commonly used to host static files like company logo, help docs, etc.

How can I access UCM Server of my Fusion Environment ?

A UCM Server will be included with every Oracle Fusion SaaS subscription. You are actually accessing the UCM server indirectly from the associated Fusion Environment during activities like data loading through HCM Data Loader (HDL), etc
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Lightning Component for Communicating Server Side Aura Method – Best Practice 1

Poster 2 basic

Aura framework provides a javascript action function to send a request from the lightning component to apex controller and it returns the response back to the client side. Please refer this link to know how the server side action is handled by the client-side controller. In this blog we are explaining the best practices can be followed to do this communication.


This implementation requires two components. The server communication is modularized into an abstracted component which is then extended to the second component as needed.
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Extending Lightning Components

Poster 2 basic


In lightning, we have developed multiple components for different functionalities. All custom components include a lot of boilerplate code and we will have to exclude most of the redundant code by building generic function in the helper part of aura bundle. However, it wouldn’t be the perfect solution to avoid the redundancy as we will have to do the same for other components as well. For example, Communication between an apex controller and a component is written separately for each custom component, even if the components are related to each other. Are there any mechanisms available in lightning for abstracting the boilerplate into one component for others to make use of it?

From my experience, this can be solved by Inheritance as it makes the code more structured and flexible. The Salesforce Apex framework supports inheritance similar to what we see in object-oriented programming languages like Java and others. Is Aura framework built to support inheritance?

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How to modify the style of a seeded lightning-quick action modal popup component


I was trying to place a quick action button to display custom lightning component to show a PDF. The quick action popup is coming with a default header and footer. The footer has only one cancel action button but, we need to have 3 action buttons, to perform savePDF, emailPDF and cancel.
To achieve this I have created a custom header, body and footer using SLDS styling. But the content is displayed on the modal popup’s body, with some padding and margin. rtaImage

How to remove the extra padding and margin in the action popup from the component?

I tried multiple workarounds to achieve this.

  • Included the CSS style to remove the margin or padding in the .css part of the aura bundle of my component. But, it is not possible to change the parent popup’s style from the child component due to THIS keyword in CSS.
  • Included an external stylesheet into the component as a static resource (using ltng:require). It was working fine but the style will be applied to all the quick action popups in the application.
  • HTML style tag cannot be used inside a component as it throws an error on saving.

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How to refresh the parent tab from child tab in console app salesforce


Consider a scenario where we need to create a related object record of standard Case object, using the new button in the related list. For example, Case Asset is one of the related objects of the case object and its new button action is overridden with a custom page. The save action defined in the custom page routed us into the newly created case asset record page, after the successful record creation. But the parent Case tab will not automatically reflect this record creation and will require us going back to the Case tab and performing a manual refresh.Instead, can we refresh this from the child Case Asset tab itself?


Console App - Case to Case Asset record creation

The image shows the parent case tab and it’s child tabs. External Page is the custom page which was opened from the details page in a new tab.

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